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Photographie montrant la restauration des vitraux de York, replaçage  des verres

The guidelines were first established in 1989 by the International Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum for the Conservation of Stained Glass in association with the International Scientific Committee for Stained Glass of ICOMOS. 

These guidelines , written in 2004, outline the ethical principles underlying the conservation and restoration of stained glass of all periods. They serve as a reference for conservators/restorers and consultants, as well as an introduction and source of information for individuals and organizations responsible for the preservation of stained glass.The original versions of the current edition are in English, French, and German. 

The full text is available here in several languages:

Français (PDF)

Anglais (PDF)

Allemand (PDF)

Néerlandais (PDF)

Photographie montrant un atelier de nettoyage pour les vitraux de York

ICOMOS has adopted an Ethical commitment statement, for its members. It is applicable to the members of the International scientific committees (Modified version, Madrid, November 2002).

Photo avant après nettoyage d'un oeil sur un vitrail

The Eger-Xi'An principles have been adopted during the 15th General Assembly of Icomos, in July 2008. They rule the functionning of the International Scientific Committees.

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