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Erfurt - 2024

The XIIth international forum for the Conservation and Technology of Historic Stained Glass will be held in Erfurt (Germany) from the 17 to the 19 july, 2024.

The general Theme is: Visibility

Program and registrations: here

Le site internet du CSICV fait peau neuve

Plusieurs nouveautés pour ce site : 

- Une page entièrement dédiée aux Forums techniques

- La traduction du site en 3 langues (Français, Anglais, Allemand)

- Une version mobile disponible

- Un formulaire de contact

President :

Claudine Loisel (France)


Vice-president :

Sophie Wolf (Switzerland)


General secretary :

Sarah Brown (UK)

Ordinary members :

Keith Barley (UK)

Sarah Jarron (UK)

Aletta Rambaut (Belgium)

Ivo Rauch (Germany)

Stained glass window depicting an eye

The next Forum- 02/12/2017 @ 7:11 p.m.

Stained glass, surface art, creation, knowledge, conservation

The 10th Forum for the Conservation and Technology of Historic Stained Glass will be held at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge (UK) from 3-5 September 2017. The event is organized by the International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass ICOMOS/ Corpus Vitrearum and the Society of Glass Technology (SGC), as part of the SGC annual conference.

Visit the conference website:

“Stained glass: how to take care of a fragile heritage?”

Proceedings of the 9th Stained Glass Conservation and Technology Forum are available

​The conclusions of the 9th Forum are available:

Coverage of the 2016 forum proceedings
Forum 2015

The next Forum- 03/19/2015 @ 11:06 p.m.

The next Forum on the conservation and technology of historic stained glass will take place in Paris from July 8 to 10, 2015

Stained glass: how to take care of a fragile heritage?

For register online 

Elections 2014- 12/12/2014 @ 11:51 p.m.

A new office was elected in November 2014: see the Administration chapter

The next International Forum for Stained Glass Conservation and Technology will take place in Paris, from July 8 to 10, 2015. 

The theme will be:Stained glass, how to take care of a fragile heritage? Call for papers.

Forum 2015

Last committee meeting- 06/14/2014 @ 1:08 p.m.

The last meeting of the committee took place in York, on the occasion of the XVIIth International Colloquium of the Corpus Vitrearum, on Thursday July 10, 2014, at 11:30 a.m.

Last Corpus Vitrearum conference- 01/16/2014 @ 9:42 p.m.

The XXVIIth conference of the Corpus Vitrearum international took place in York (United Kingdom), from July 7 to 11, 2014. Its theme was "Text and image".

stained glass
Forum 2014

The proceedings of the last Forum on Stained Glass Conservation and Technology, held in Amsterdam (Netherlands), from October 7 to 10, 2013 in conjunction with an interim meeting of the ICOM-CC Glass and Ceramics working group, are available.

The work can be ordered from the address

Amount:  55 Euro (plus shipping costs)

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