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Welcome to the website of the International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass


This site gives you access to various documents on the creation of this committee, the texts, the office and the members. Major events in the field of stained glass are illustrated in the “News” tab. All of the “Technical Forums” are brought together through illustrations with access to the proceedings for the most recent. In the “links” section, direct access to many websites is facilitated. The “Members area” section is reserved for committee members.

I wish you a good visit.


Claudine LOISEL

President of the International Scientific Committee

for the conservation of stained glass windows



A new Committee Bureau was elected on December 15, 2022;- 03/15/2023 @ 7:17 p.m.



President :

Claudine Loisel (France)


Sophie Wolf (Switzerland)

General secretary :

Sarah Brown (UK)

Ordinary members

Keith Barley (UK)

Sarah Jarron (UK)

Aletta Rambaut (Belgium)

Ivo Rauch (Germany)


Thank you !

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